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КФС Браслеты | КФС Браслеты Кольцова Компании "Центр Регион"
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FSC Bracelets

What are Functional State Correctors (FSC) Bracelets and how do they wor

The Functional State Correctors (FSC) Bracelet or Energy Bracelet is an energy information device made on the basis of functional state correctors. Bracelets have a more universal impact, because the information content is much wider, each bracelet contains information from 4 correctors In addition to their functionality, they improve the human energy centers (chakras). Works in a very soft mode. Safe to use.

Fields of use of FSC Bracelets and how to use them

Functional State Correctors (FSC) Bracelets (FSC Bracelets) affect the human body fluids (especially blood). Recommended to wear on the wrist in turn. Among other direct functions it is a water structuring device in the closed position. You can wear two bracelets at once, however, it is advised to monitor the body response. It is recommended to take it off at night, during sleep.   


If you are facing material challenges implementing projects, this bracelet will be a real guiding light in addressing them.
The scope of the bracelet is very broad: from solving everyday issues, to the effective and best implementation of business projects.


If you want to feel energetic, finally do sports or other dynamic activity, this bracelet’s effect will help to neutralize the energy-informational blocks that prevent you from achieving goal in this direction. This type of bracelets will help active sportsmen and just active people to achieve better results in the chosen form of physical disciplines.


This type of bracelet is right for every woman, because there is no limit to charm, beauty, femininity and other properties, qualities of woman’s nature that make a woman incredibly attractive, in the words of the classic “a spirit beautiful and pure”.

FSC Bracelet "Ciconia"

This FSC bracelet solves the issues of both sexes in matters of hormonal sphere.
Many people cannot become parents for a number of reasons. The effect of this bracelet will help to make your dream come true.

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