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This type of bracelets is suitable for every woman, because there is no limit to charm, beauty, femininity and other properties, qualities of female nature, which make a woman incredibly attractive, in the words of the classic “genius of pure beauty”.

This bracelet mainly has an impact on restoring natural properties of the feminine. Through the dissolution of negative programs, the woman obtains initial qualities incorporated by mother nature. These are psychological balance, mildness, purity and naturalness at its best.

A woman with a FSC bracelet “Enchantress” is a woman for whom knights fought, wrote poems, it is a woman who encourages a man to achieve great things with her strength.

The FSC bracelet "Enchantress" contains polarization from the four springs of Mongolia. These are 4 new women's themes, not previously released in the Company.

With the FSC bracelet “ENCHANTRESS” you will feel like a Goddess, Fairy, Sorceress, in short, a real Enchantress!

The effect of the FSC Bracelet “ENCHANTRESS”:

  • Opens the true nature of the woman by neutralizing programs preventing it.
  • Helps to solve the problems in the intimate sphere, gives an impulse to the relationship with the opposite sex
  • In terms of physical condition, female sex hormones production, which are the basis of a woman’s well-being, is normalized.
  • Not only production, but also maintenance of intimate sphere, reproductive functions is being made.
  • Stabilizes psycho-emotional processes, gives confidence and a positive attitude
  • Works as a prophylactic drug in the pelvic area, has a positive effect by speeding up the recovery after illness.
  • Prevents or promotes to a milder form of gynecological diseases course.
  • Works on the harmonization of energy centres (chakras).

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