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If you want to be energetic, finally go in for sports or another dynamic activity, the action of this bracelet will help to neutralize the energy information blocks that impede the realization of your goal in this direction. This type of bracelet will help active athletes and simply active people to achieve the best results in the chosen form of physical disciplines.

Increasing the energy level of your body will allow you to get out of the energy saving mode, there will be no unfinished business, and with each day you will be willing to do something even more. Sleepy, tired state will be over, and the desire to be active and for physical activity will now be your constant companion.

The FSC Bracelet "FITNESS" contains the themes of the following FSCs: "MIGHTY WATER", "REJUVENATING APPLE", "WINNER", No. 10 "HEALTHY JOINTS".

The FSC Bracelet “FITNESS” will make your path towards your goals into a great journey!

The effect of the FSC Bracelet “FITNESS”:

  • Helps to lead a natural healthy lifestyle without drinking energy drinks, caffeine, taking pharmaceutical drugs that give you an energy boost.
  • Gives the best support for different diseases of the back and joints
  • Activates the process of strengthening the back and abdominal muscles.
  • Has a direct impact on the mobilization of joints, helps to stop inflammation in the human body, increases the strength of bone and cartilage tissues.
  • Helps to maintain and recover the psychoemotional component of the person
  • Gives enormous support in terms of boosting physical endurance and fast recovery from exercise.
  • Beneficial to almost all systems of the human body by neutralizing negative programs.
  • As a result leads the human body to recovery and rejuvenation.