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Helps to achieve success in different areas of life, increases the level of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energy

If you are facing material challenges implementing projects, this bracelet will be a real guiding light in addressing them. The scope of the bracelet is very broad: from solving everyday issues, to the effective and best implementation of business projects.

The FSC Bracelet "MAGNAT" contains the themes of the following FSCs: "SUCCESS", "FORTUNE", "GOLD SAND", "ZDRAVA".

The effect of the FSC Bracelet “MAGNAT”:

  • Gives a boost to your business activity, allows you to implement business projects more effectively.
  • Increases the number of business activity lines, allows you to see new business development paths.
  • Gives an impulse to free hidden potential business opportunities and their further development in creative execution.
  • Gives opportunities to develop skills, makes you want to learn new things in the business development direction.
  • Allows you to recover lost intuitive abilities and to strengthen them in all spheres of life
  • Turns serious psychoemotional state into the desire to create.
  • Помогает также в других сферах жизнедеятельности достигать определенных успехов: бизнес, социум, творческая деятельность и др.
  • Normalizes the brain, helps restore blood flow primarily as a result of neutralizing negative programs.
  • As a result of neutralizing serious psychoemotional factors related to the business sphere, the area of self-realization is the healthcare effect.

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